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About Us

Photostat is a great application for customer and photographer. This application helps the photographer to grow their business. Every photographer has their own photography studio , Photostat has addressed their concerns about the studio through the Photostat Partner application. Photographers by the application can get orders related to the photography in their area through this app. With this app they can get a good income with their regular business.
Similarly, for those who want to take a photo for a function or to preserve their own memories, starting from finding a photographer, there are many questions in mind, whether the photographer will be good, how much will he charge, will he arrive on time, will he deliver the photos on time. Photostats has made available to the answers to many of their queries through this app. The customer can find the Professional photographer whenever he need , sit at home and book it for his photography. Photostat Aim is that the Customer can easily find out photographer in his location for his event in one click by the Photostat Customer App. It's easy to use the app for both. Photostat is one of a kind of application that will serve the purpose of being a centralized platform for all photography needs. Photostat app available in both Android and IOS.

Awesome Features

Photostat provide you userfriendly features for customers as well as partners.

  • Notification

    In this feature Customer can get all the information regarding notifications like booked orders, cancelled orders, payments related notification, promotion notification, offer notification etc.

  • Bookings

    In this feature Customer can see all the information regarding his bookings. Which orders they have placed and which order they have got on time etc.

  • Services

    In this feature, Customers can get all the information regarding Photostat Regular services, Premium services. Available services like Passport Photo-shoot, Half Day, Full Day Photo-shoot, video–shoot etc.

  • Payments

    In this feature Customer can get all information regarding his payment which payment done, which payment pending, how much amount they deposited etc.

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